maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 10th January.

The year is young...i have so much scrawled in my to do book that not even an ant can travel across the pages in a straight line...with out finding his feet full of ink and sperm...therefore today i have placed myself in Chastity..the silver steel cage sits mocking me..i have tried this before with a cheap cage from China..and well i know the scale of cheap as each pinch of vital skin made me think twice...the other problem was in the milking of my sissy milk. It is not easy to suddenly stop the urge to masturbate before i drifted into being a sissy then almost was almost daily not always ending with a busting flow..i think today they call it we shall see..this new one is a better fit with a tube that slips into my clitty with the help of lube it is comfortable thought stings when allowing yellow to pass through could milk pass a perhaps...i suspect careful cleaning is vital plus i'll need to shave my clitty as a true sissy has no pubic hair to think time will tell...
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