maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 2nd February January 2016.

February...for myself perhaps the most melancholy month of the year it simply drips with coldness and solitude the month i wonder if summer weather will ever come each day a war, each hour a battle if i am out in the big wide world....a month i shiver away from human flotsam...machines..please enter your pin..please press to exit....the coldness of it all drifts through the tumble weeds of my mind.
If only you could press a button to find this wonderful cock was behind the shutter that suckable being full of hotness realness that shaft a piston engine in flesh so rampant i suppose all sissy's dream the hours of darkness before the demons come....
February means i am in the third month of my 60th year..a year i was going far i have bought some new clothes a couple of wool dresses, some bra's on sale...a new chastity cage....and some new dildo's and finally a sissy maid dress..which for this past weekend..trying it on was a big wow my poor clitty could hardly stand from milking on its own such was the rush in pulling it or two small things will complete and then ho-hum for the summer....
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