maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 7th February 2016.

I am still eating chocolate Christmas trees...i am being rationed to one small pack a week which is just as well or perhaps i could eat my way through the remaining forest in one day....perhaps they are not good for my sissy figure but then only ghosts,bogeymen and carpet ants see me dressed as Sissy....On the plus side i feel OK...managed to scribble here three times in the first week of the dreaded month of February which must be good for my old Panto Dame self.... i am dressed in woollen's today which always makes Sunday special..i still have my sissy cage on which fuses my head into all the tasks i have set myself for this year...amongst one i have to ponder...i will be home alone one Saturday in i try and entice the Dark Master up from feed me is hot throbbing real cock in my pussy and some deep throat before i forget how i managed to fit his cock down my throat some thing which makes him wicked in delight..or do i dress and go out fem into the night drive down to my favourite beach and walk the sands as sissy yes i know it will be still cold on those sands but a warm coat over my short skirt and stockings....if only i could be greedy and have both now that would be sunshine amongst this dreary winter.... i must close now so much to do today including pussy training for my next size up of Dildo such is the persona of being a size
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