maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 16th February 2016.

Battle lane no longer rings in sound, to the clip of horses hoofs, no longer do riders dwell in saddles to race beneath the tall trees...Today people arrive here to dump rubbish amongst the pot holes..and I rest here amongst this view forlorn, melancholy, for this time of year..I am neither, pushing such thoughts aside I reason with myself in the coolness of a winters day cold enough to wear stockings and belt under my work wear, perhaps I am becoming a deft hand of pulling on stockings in the small hours of the morning the movement within feeds me, slut...coo's in disbelief as old lazy habit's begin to fall away..I need some new bra's and have seen another steel cage which pulls open the clitty much tempted I am...the ticking clock pinches time I must vanish sadly not to devour cock even if they hung from tree's in this small grotto, disdain is the sigh.
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