maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 1st November 2009.

I am that a girlie thing to say, probably...but mostly the craving to dress to pull something soft on to walk in whip-ish, such thoughts such longings such torture the gremlins did there work last night shall i say sod them, or laugh for that is all i can do to this urge to transform into a industrial transvestite. one friend would say in the same breath so goeth...and so i must.Last Sunday i had one of those stop start meetings which did not bode well for my mind,the off, on, depress me to wind down, before i even take to the road.Constant checking through the day on e-mails had me on constant heat....eventually the green light i packed some small stuff,drove and found a dark quite place stripped dressed constantly watching as passers by faded in the distant i was both in ecstasy and humiliation.dressed i drove on to the safe house pressed the buzzer the door opened i let myself in, first to the kitchen a note lay there i read,the instructions were clear the practice was something else.
I could feel my heart not quite there i am not a Dom,playing a Dom was not the adventure i thought i would perhaps move into,words written on the instruction manual inside my head,were written of coarse by someone else the two did not mix each time i gave an order i expected my own self to reciprocate...yet i had to try..that was the agreement with my mistress.

I walked into the front room slut was there dressed fem masturbating as instructed, i thought it might arouse me but all i could think of it should be me,i had instructed her to poke a small hole in her black tights just enough room for her large clitty to hang out..behold a gash the titanic could sail through..oh well sink or swim it was going to be a disaster night i could feel it in the air hanging in obsolete, a dungeon in broken desires miss matched in coffee pots, i looked, said nothing walked up to her face, pulled it gently under my coat on to my soft clitty dressed in tiger slutty panties the adventure had begun
My mind was set on previous Dom's i had served and the tasks set those which i enjoyed being humiliated by...i made slut crawl on her belly into the bedroom,it did not work climbing onto the bed face down i parted her legs pulled on rubber gloves ripped off the black tights, the instruction was to begin her training she was tight even lube felt tight she quivered,she was not hungry it was an ordeal,an ordeal for both of us in that wind swept flat the curtains drawn the humming fridge the constant clank some where in the distance was it inside perhaps,more lube brought my mind back i inserted arrhh yes the humming fridge.

I ordered rest the body shrunk into the covers,i removed my gloves..ordered gloves to be worn filled with lube..this time i lay down opened wide felt the first finger then the second big fat hunky fingers searching me out it felt nice warm great....the urge to buck came the urge to be fucked filled my mind one of the reasons i took this slut on was to have such desires thinking being a dom i could order to be fucked..what i could not order was his her clitty cock to rise hard enough to push inside amongst the was not to be i thought of my goeth..i rested ordering slut to remove her self to the front room and climax into the plastic cup mistress had left with instructions which sadly never happened..i heard her come the high breath the lumbering pant, in a silent room.

No sooner had the sperm dribbled into the cup than it was over the attention finished with the last drop,a different person then sat up came out of the room and started packing,there was not a word between us the frost of orders trapped in my old friend King Canute said it all..i dressed myself packed what small things i brought said my goodbyes and left into the dark night where such as i live in search of the ultimate dream i may forever wander in such the trails tribulations ever on ward drive..i do think never again..but the germ soon springs the feeling grow the urge bangs so loud the lure of stockings the lure of hot cocks the taste of that shooting sperm hot salty a taste unique.

I knew as soon as i closed the door behind me what e-mail i would receive on monday disappointed was to put it mild,but thankfully my mistress has seen sense....and withdrawn her husband from the transvestite mode and returned her/him to the rightful mode of a male sub and i thankfully returned to the slutty sub i am.

I do not like to say regret about was a learning curve..i am glad i did partake and i am sure her husband will enjoy his new role as long as he carries a fresh bar of soap.Me myself will go on searching for new cocks...HA....
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