maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Wednesday 16th February 2016.

Once more on Battle lane, rain drips from nearside tree's on this red vans tin roof...the tune so familiar I could almost hum it on a hot summer day. Typing this entry from a mobile phone is possible and at least keeps this journal moving even if in grinds, bumps and blue farts for my vanity in stockings, though today with all this rain some what wrinkled..last night for the first time in ages I drifted through a transvestite set of chat user name caught the attention of solid rock.. It did bring a smile as i pondered what can it mean...we chatted for about an hour I have a free weekend coming soon and I would really like a real hot solid cock to make me drool, slurp, and things....I said I would venture there again tonight and possibly hang out my mobile number yes I know its a risk but hey most of life is a risk when hunting for cock..therefore we shall see as the rain continues to haunt this tin van.
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