maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 21st February 2016.

Has the weekend beaten me again..or have i gained an inch down life's rocky road have twisted Panties closed my eyes to gather in storms across my head....or has a lazy day been good for me pottering around the would be nice if i could leave the kitchen blind up instead of the shrinking violet behind...whilst dressed..i quite get a buzz if i think the lady in the next window can catch a glance....the inner sissy...sigh...Well i did manage to buy some black panties from a super market in a closed pack of Four....deftly thrown in my basket..quite why i thought about it is quite beyond me now a far cry when i first bought some all most centuries ago now i can still picture the ladies face..sweat dribbled down my young legs how many times did i walk around the counter....before i pick two pairs up and trembled holding out my money..she gave me one of those withering looks good god boy was perhaps in her head....the girl this weekend on the check out a nice small redhead did not bater one eyelid for all her care they could have been a tin of beans...i smiled....and glad too they fit nicely i like the tight small ones that make my clitty almost unseen which for sissy is perhaps yummy...Well the week lies ahead...fingers crossed...and kisses...
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