maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 17th November 2009.

Stockings wrinkle, crumbled under the weight in times motion. I do not mean to ignore,simply my eyes continue watching the sand run in the glass egg timer.,that tiny pile grows, falters stops i reach out and turn once more,like a repeat button i play on,play the game, in wrinkled stockings the obsession in watching the egg timer cascades into spidery cracks blemishes creak groan,that Goddess the Goddess of want spins dreams in webs so thick they are not easily drawn back ignored or any other word contained in visions hooks that bite flesh smitten in the glint of an eye watching a single grain of sand pile on the pile of wants fantasy..well there is the word the demon tentacle mind rape. BUT...i know i could stop quite easily i do believe such i have always believed such yet the joy in my murky swamp tastes so sweet when found long after the after taste of disappointment cements its self to the time dust history books which of whom are never written for such things as transvestites.
I am not bitter, sad, just wonder at the crumbs i suck up as i pass though cyber space....this week i fell upon a two minute porn clip,at first my mind could not take such a vision in front of my eyes i both recoiled and became in awe,as the porn clip journeyed deep into my mind..i have watched it now four times, tonight i came on and looked for it seeking it out to gaze at the sheer magnitude of time caught in those two minutes..
My first astonishment was the fact you could buy such,the second on how much training the real man must have put into it and the fact he put such on the i thankful for it and did it make my clitty become hard enough to begin to milk my self as my mistress now says i should call masturbation.And lastly was i any form or shape into,his deed..for he surely must get pleasure from such or else why bother..this i can myself i have progressed also, not with the same object...but he has inspired me to go larger and want larger am i that easily lead is that why i am a sub seeking out to be humiliated glorified in such wallowing in tasks sent in tangled webs....the more humiliating the more i want the need to feed of such is found in the sands dribbling in the egg timer.
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