maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 15th March 2016.

I have a short while to sit in front of this big white screen, instead of huddled clasping a tiny mobile the size of a matchbox....although i have begun to find my matchbox mobile more of a companion rather than a simple phone, as i have begun to learn what else lies within the case...quite a few still photo shots and some videos have come from this learning curve...of which one or two have sissy involved one or two deleted for i am very choosy over my selfie's as i believe deep down as some form of punishment camera's hate me, which makes me both giggle and sigh in the same moment....However i press ahead to find the nearly perfect pose which i wish to plant out there on the everybody whom catches the image can runaway screaming....all this thought makes me move into wearing make-up more often again rather than the blue moon syndrome.....Last night i walked home from the working saddle a pause before let myself slip some pink lipstick it felt so alarming so good not only could i taste the cold wind but the warmth of lipstick gave me joy after a long day in the work did not make my clitty rise no throbbing monster rose to be a beacon in the night air..not that i have a monster these or any days just sounded good...i now rarely see arise when dressed perhaps a good sign of a sissy....that my clitty sits there quite quiet...
On good note my order for two more suspender belts both black have arrived this morning so sissy excited to try them on after the work saddle has exploded for the day...Which only leaves me now the lure of the haunted hot cock to suck...So Goeth...
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