maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Easter Sunday 27th March 2016.

Easter Sunday is nearly over....after i scribble here for a short while i shall retire for the night perhaps some edging and think of some sexual overtones that perhaps are far from my reach....but do indeed arouse my sissy self....Good Friday i did manage to do some fem shopping in the famous marks and sparks..i bought some black panties a pack of five the size said size 8...however i have to smile not quite the size 8...i was expecting perhaps marks and spark real women are quite a different size however i will place them in my dailies for is very rare now that i do indeed wear male under garments...wearing something sissy each day is a comfort along this road i have either picked or perhaps stumbled into there was certainly no introduction as i took the fork in the road but hey-hum life is...i also bought some stockings at M& they will be interesting run free so the packet says plus some on sale wool tights...i have not heard from the Dark Master for a good while now perhaps it is for the good i say that with a pinch for i do miss that pumping when he gets up full steam that hard real cock pounding is almost orgasmic sometimes i can feel my milk beginning to rise and almost flow even with my sissy clitty flaccid....
Time i think to retire i wish to be up early for the new day...good night whom ever passes this way...
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