maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Thursday 14th April 2016.

Another week drifts by, my panties and stockings almost strangle the hours that have slipped through my mind, this big year for myself is puff panting far to fast, as if i knew it would not....Never a day when slut does not have some meaning to sponge towards what male inside me remains, to try and push out towards surfs shore to leave floundering across footprints left in the sand.
Even at this ripe age sexual thoughts, deeds, pokes splutters out in some fashion, the old slut never stops thinking even walking around supermarkets and such play things come in sight and touch...My love for my cage rises and falls depending on my mood with the urge to milk as strong as ever since i once had hair so long i smile, in such a thought as i now type late evening across the words i scribbled this afternoon...simply for regrets are not in fashion and what can one possibly do if one simply dwells on such cobwebs...I have took myself out of of the cage for now, owing to such milking thoughts whilst trying to find another control to feel owned by some outer force that dominates..As always time will tell the future is a strange nettle to grasp...
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