maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Saturday 16th April 2016.

For once i am not sat in the confines of a tiny red van, nor is rain dribbling down the windscreen...i do indeed have a rare Saturday morning off....i am quite horny....feeling i must put myself in my small cage otherwise the morning might just be wasted with the urge to constantly milk myself as sissy bucks and fucks my mind with games which delight her..knowing she would eventually get her way..i do not like to keep her locked away sometimes i wish i could out myself shout from the roof tops Transvestite...perhaps i have thought this many least i do not feel guilty or perhaps worthless simply because fem clothes give me an incredible feeling and the life of being a sissy even to myself enchants me...i wonder as i travelled through my youth and young manhood being able to satisfy a women with what dangles between my legs..would sissy ever have been i stare at other transvestites on the net seeing some really large clittys and always standing erect i wonder why they are indeed is it the clothes perfume or perhaps even with a rampant clitty they too only last a few strokes with perhaps the taunt as i had that i could only satisfy a man.....yummy i think now but back then in bewilderment i am not too sure..any way time to go panties to put away and new stockings to unwrap....
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