maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Monday 2nd May 2016.

I whisper May to myself..perhaps short skirts and red panties the dream of always lingers for a few seconds whilst i gather my thoughts on this dank bank holiday Monday.....the beginning of a new month..this special year for myself is already six months old by the time May draws to a close. I close my eyes shudder and think must do...the urge to dress has not been lost on the wind old age bumps farts carrying on in some lurch as each hour least perhaps i could whisper to myself its forward....looking back i have at least come as far down the road in floppy dresses pulling on fem clothes still gives the big wow factor..being home alone these past few days seeing bright red nail varnish across my fingers putting on some silly a wish i could do each day even my mind has been thrown in seeing painted nails drift across this keyboard the last few days missing the odd key..quietly laughing to myself.....
Last night with the lights down low..the most dreaded of all goblins ever lurking evil to be given half the chance pounced in the warmth as i played desired the no frills no rejection dildo's each of the four slightly bigger now to the point i hardly feel the smallest one gather storm as it slips in that dear god wow as i fuck my pussy thankfully is also still as good....the goblin is a luver of Brown ever eager to take fresh warmth and coat across my skin...the warmth soon subsides the coldness grows so to the shame in such a desire the almost near of fresh milk mixing was stopped by sheer will power..leading to Brown Goblin snaking away in disgust at his failure to play many transvestites if any, are haunted by brown it would be nice to find one and compare notes.....
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