maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 10th May 2016

Rain spatters across this tiny red vans windscreen...this tiny hand held machine is where I body perhaps, my mind is else where as my thoughts drift across my fem world...time the old miser
is locked inside a cabbage patch i once walked through in young youth if there is such a concept,this patch reaches as tall as elephant grass or so it seams....
A small warm weather front has arrived thoughts of putting my stockings away for summer have not taken hold, as much as i thought the old fem in me is stubborn..its taken her so long to arrive as top dog in this complicated body and mind..pushing out the small boy as much as she dares, therefore I feel them on my skin even today...I am getting faster at slipping them on a quick fasten...Winter ones are still the best a small black Summer suspender belt I ordered last week has arrived the plastic straps are not bliss to clip up however I must push on and try once more before I hide them amongst the clothes bought with much hope, but sink into the I told myself such garments will not fit so doomed to languish in the dark in draws perhaps when time is not a cannon ball in the cabbage patch..
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