maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Trinity Sunday 22nd May 2016. a very long time...when thinking about this big blank space before me...Today is Trinity Sunday...i wonder how God feels about Transvestites....and wonder if one also....This is only my third post in May..was not what i planned the drift weed seems so thick i can barely make my way the cutting edge of sitting here in this room or out in the wilds with that small object which at times rules my life and others simply does not let all the good Goblins through...Plus age is advancing..would i have thought in my teens that at sixty i would still pull on stockings slip into suspender belts and still want hot cocks rammed wherever...i came across some old pictures of me taken when i had long hair when i, a sort of tail chasing hippy mode...thought about them thinking wow...if only..didn't need to shave hair down my back..oh well not to dwell on that too much or perhaps the goblins inside my head would have won....funny how sissy inside has pushed out the male yet the goblins have been far harder to pin down...i wonder if i would crave cock if they vanished such imps they are....Cocks are beginning to make me horny must vanish or else the urge to milk myself will erupt and i have things to catch up on today....
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