maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 29th May 2016.

The sun is playing games at the window of this room where in various draws shoe boxes old slut lives perhaps i really should do her justice and mention the name a FemDom...picked for her some couple of years ago...again time let me down on that score simply could not keep to the time scales the mistress gave me..Mistress did indeed give me plenty of lea-way....however the ticking clock won the day....perhaps it was for the better....the name she gave me was Angie...which reminded her of what a slut should be called....
Well Angie this morning has taken half a viagra tablet just to see if my clitty rises to those days when in youth it was strong and hard standing instantly when i used to masturbate over such magazines as if i should open one of those mags not even a one time this used to bother me the old John Wayne syndrome of the macho man would haunt my mind kick it to death at times of why i took the fork in the road to being a Sissy...and not climb on John Wayne's horse...
My clitty is beginning to feel warm... i would call it a semi at the moment....much as it can rise these days...i begin to stroke and the hardness grows i think i am going to close now i feel the urge to milk myself shame i cannot suck a cock at this time.....
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