maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 10th July 2016.

Empty promises...hang around here in some corner, perhaps, of this big blank world of a screen...i truly did not think it was this long since i pushed keys along this pad..transvestite thoughts dripping from my finger tips driven down from my mind in wild desire...i sit back think dear God where have i been with time itself simply far to lazy slut slurping in her panties....Perhaps.
With living as best i can as a sissy i should make more effort but is not half this blog dribbling in snails pace on such thoughts when i really sit here wondering when i will taste the next cock to fill my mouth with hot cum..the mere thought arouses me to the point when i should shut down this page now and milk myself into an ever stedfast is the word as the world rushes past this window my clitty visible under a new red cotton pull on dress i bought this morning..stockings of coarse in black cloth my legs...most days now i where such even under my working saddle clothes no sissy has pubic hair of any kind and at least i have kept that up shaving in the shower pulling stretching my clitty until bare naked simply looks sweet...the pulling and squeezing by a real hard male would be a nice thought....pulling my head down onto a real hard cock sounds yummy enough to make my clitty now begin to gently rise for attention..time to depart......for now....and make sure simply now..and not an age steadfast can sometimes crack...
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