maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Monday 28th December 2009.

The blank screen,stares.
Forming words from my mind down through my fingers is,far harder than obeying a Fem-Dom Mistress or is it,should i be frightened,or is that a simple play on vanity sailing through my mind.They say you are the captain of your own ship,then as i am captain should i not tack the sails more often,heave-ho....the youthful imp smiles looking close to shore..heave-ho indeed.
What is this old transvestite babbling on about,tack the sail how easy is that indeed. how hard is it to fill the blank screen..ha...Such confidence young man,such confidence in the mind....Well young man, young man of sixteen let me plant some thoughts inside your head.....Never leave the first pair of panties you ever buy, behind when you ever climb out of the kitchen window as your child hood home crumbles, you will need them to giggle at when your body can no longer pull them up around your fat arse.Do not waste your youth in thoughts of can't i, will i, simply buy the dress and let if fold into that young sweet body,flaunt it, suck it, let the wind ruffle your hair,do not let the drones bishop you into asking yourself what is normal,do not let society bungle you into sheep's clothing and go every time they shout the new orders,new directions they wish.
Follow your soul,your desires whilst you can, THEY are not you..nobody makes a is simply some small germ that grows and grows until the hunger is use trying to fight it not waste your strength in throwing away clothes,as if that is the answer.Because her inside you will only screem louder.
Treat normal with the contempt it deserves,or it will devour you into some old fart sitting in a rocking chair thinking if only.Let me tell you that nothing falls from the sky in thunderbolts,to strike you down the first time you take some cock into your mouth..that first hot flush as sperm gushes beyond your control into your mouth leaving a taste which drives you ever onward for more and more.
If you can look yourself in the mirror whilst pulling on a bra smile, laugh, giggle, and yet be as serious as you can be then life as a transvestite is really not that bad in fact i have no real regrets.Nor should you, now get on with it and let this old trannie try and tack these sails to sit here more often. Babbling indeed.

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