maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Thursday 11th August 2016.

For all that i joke about these dark dim Bug Huts with whirling fans and tiny dark cubicles i am very thankful that they are here. Giving me the time to talk to my inner Transvestite on these Islands they are simply known as Dings which is by far a simpler word...making me smile as i coarse through the day behind this male shield..the taboo for them here is not as vast as back home in Blighty...
The older become the more i don't give a toss...however best not in this sunshine away from the working saddle let me not dwell on such and enjoy the time away from my work panties and admire all these erotic far Eastern Cocks on view..even if i am not travelling on my own,where a sea of cum night not be to all bug huts i salute....
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