maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 18th September 2016.

My first week back in the work saddle is panties and myself coped rather well considering the massive protest this complicated body gave each day as muscles which have been sleeping for the past eight weeks were once more alarmed in having to pull on work uniform and those tramping black work boots....Today...i have began to unpack my trinkets i picked up along the way bought one or two purses to hold make up in, some cheap trinket bracelets i can wear and get away with if i wear male clothing...glad i made the effort to pick up some new sissy panties...this week was simply panties and over the knee socks..going to move back into stockings and suspenders as the cold winds was good to see my fem friend at work a short time in small talk...really helps when one can talk about being a for cock..well this winter i think i should make the effort to find a real one full of hot cum for i miss it fantasy can only do so much and dildo's although fabulous at making one a size queen..which reminds me after eight weeks away better start to open my self up or i am never going to reach the girth i crave for....does not help spending time mooching around porn making myself milk in easing the desire which somehow haunts such as i each day however life is life and once growing into a sissy with a little help along the way i should suck it and see....
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