maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 6th November 2016.

Half dressed half naked...i greet the morning i need a shave to remove various pubic hairs Winter is always the same the big bad word Lazy creeps into the mind slut bitch whom ever i am tinkers with such forms....putting things deeds on the back burners the word tomorrow is such a long time i have not sucked cock for so long now...Lazy head in this respect is endless....Sissy pages on get life hold my attention for short gasps..with thoughts i could do that...ohhhh...i am doing that...dressing is becoming more habit forming to the point where wearing any male clothes is rather stark with a big no rolling around the crazy streets bundled across my mind...
The streets are quiet the darkness still creeps along the side some small shopping as i approach another birthday with more wrinkles thoughts of being to old to still be wearing fem clothes strutting the transvestite stance come go day..the lure of pulling on stockings has never left me..this week has been wrapped in a black tight suspender girdle..the feelings crunch my small clitty and sadly or should i confess the feeling is tremendous with each walking winter begins its onslaught i have added a non wired bra to my comfort zone gives myself a buzz on butterfly wings as i trundle through the streets half fem yet hiding away from the world can make one feel an elephant under the wing.....
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