maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Wednesday 6th January 2010.

The new year is here a mere six days old...yesterday i was asked that if i could pick one word to sum up the coming year for my self for my wishes and not pick the word cock simply because cocks are always on my mind..the person who requested sometimes pops the word Bitch in her e-mails she knows what this does to me,she knows me well to well,how i once paid the price for not following her instructions a sad lesson the hard way.
The word Bitch..did rest with me for a sometime as my requested word,however such is my luv for the word i did not want to spoil the effect it has on me and so looking back on the day i picked Peculiar...for certain tiny events during the day a scrumptious dungeon of trails buttered in wandering thoughts.The weather is in deep mid winter snow is cascaded every where snowmen are jested on every street corner...i have even seen ample breasts planted in fact the first female snowman i have ever seen..but yesterday a proper snowman festooned with cock and balls..a mighty whirling cock stood erect..thoughts of sucking it made me stand and stare..the erectness made me ponder what a gnarled cock would feel like being pushed into my pussy and all made out of snow gosh am i that horny to suck cocks...
I had to venture into the numerous crannies of a shoe shop the dark cobwebs the row on row of piled shoe boxes all virgin never been worn, never been thrown a side in porches,pissed on, wanked over and all those other fantasies regarding that any Bitch would be proud to stand over slutty particular box was open a single pink boot lay forlorn..had i had time on my own long enough to pull out my pathetic clitty and rub over this virgin boot to masturbate the sticky whiteness to gunge over this pink boot made me think how Peculiar i am.
Is it bad enough to be a slutty transvestite...???, yet with peculiar add-ons who knows what this year will bring. 

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