maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 19th February 2017.

I sometimes wonder...or should i say each day..should i keep this old girl on the road keep the scribbles rolling along in cyber-space do i wish thousands would read this, is my vanity fooling in living in such hope or is it simply there for passing people from the planet ponder over why some males willingly dress up in real ladies themselves sissy's when in fact society really wants John Wayne look-a-likes.
Or is it a place to come and ponder why the lust for Brown is always in the back ground..keeping it caged away in some dark corner of the mind is at times so very hard i could quite easily in one lust throw away the key...however the mind is always dangerous when left on its own in such thoughts perhaps best to let it out now and then...i recall when trying to punch away the sissy inside me by bundling up all my clothes and burying them in a dark wood when i was a teenager thinking that would solve the urge to dress as a women..yet only to feel the urge to dress even more demanding growing each day...better to accept being a transvestite than fighting such a red riding hood..
Perhaps then i should stop fighting this blank screen and simply BE.....
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