maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 21st May2017.

Ouch...double ouch..time to smack hands time to rant across my soul as to why i have not dipped in journal form in the deepness of my Fem side...much has passed in thoughts and safe deeds since i last found time to sit here and contemplate life not so much the slut a subject i do wonder if i will arrive once more at that station perhaps i could label myself as a lazy slut with a big Z...there cannot be a day when i do not think about the dreaded word Cock however practice has been far to lazy.
On other forms of my transvestite life style progress has been made adapted and fondly acquired in my acceptance of whom lives inside me. I have at last found a real female friend whom i can talk about fem stuff which helps to ease the mind when living and working in a Macho context i find myself in for most of the time i walk the planet thankfully to its the small things that build big when added together...and best of all i have made the effort this morning to punch a hole into my mind full of panties bra's and what ever to come and sit here reset my password simply been that long since i opened this page on my life.
With added thoughts across a few words i found wandering around LJ....Happy Sunday or as i like to call it lazy braless bitch in pyjamas day. with a promise to venture this way very
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