maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 20th August 2017.

It has been that long in venturing this way, that i have sadly forgot my password when i tried to log on a small while ago. I had to faff about scribbling a new one and having to prove that i am indeed a transvestite rather than a robot though sometimes perhaps it could be better than the pulling on of stockings in the middle of summer.
Once more tis but the lazy sod in is a good job i change my panties far more often than i pass this way..each day i think on this blog with each day maybe tomorrow comes waving over the hill with ever big panties flying in the air. Perhaps if i tattooed my clitty..Maturetvslut that is of coarse if it fits on..might well wake me up more often...the real reason i suspect it the daily climbing up to the work horse day that squashes thoughts of sitting awhile to pour thoughts across this white blank space...perhaps if i thought of this screen as the colour of cum..i might just pant a bit more and scribble across this sea of cum..which today i would rather be surfing in..however life is life and there are chores to be done therefore i must drift away with another promise to sit here awhile...fingers clitty crossed that i might soon...
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