maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Friday 27th October 2017.

I sit here in my panties and love me socks running thoughts through my mind, playing games amongst the crazy streets comforted by the garden wall i have built around them, over the years the games becoming more outrageous as time ticks along, do they now rule me, each cobbled street dressed in drag, or is it simply a being on its that not also a soul against a gate which guards this fragile being.
Did i find the word Transvestite in an glass jar by such a gate or was it in one of those soft porn mags i used to buy as a youth an accidental stumble behind a curtain beyond the Mills and Boon wall to wall book shelves, the small room beyond the back of the book shop sadly no longer alive, opened up a world, i sometimes wonder what if i had not would i be me today..i suspect the shop is now a beauty nail does not stop me wondering about those days each time i am anywhere near the community it used to sit within....sometimes i sigh regarding those days when soft porn was an instant erection becoming an addiction as time passed, as i became aware of what a transvestite really was..i often wonder if other transvestites feel the same or has the new word crossdressers wiped us old tranny's to a far flung time warp. Where we perhaps sit and dribble tea.They say for whom the bell tolls...i do indeed wonder.
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