maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 7th January 2018.

Broken promises to myself have littered this past year....i had hoped to post this and that through the days months that slipped through my fingers given the odd shrug of always tomorrow cat landed around my mind, sometimes i sat here just far to incomplete to open the box to log on other times i simply vanished amongst the fishnets which cloud my soul...even the excuse of winter is extremely poor to shove down ones bra...perhaps i should role a dice to see if that works in making me sit here awhile and scribble..even the amount of transvestite porn shots i gaze at have simply slipped from my grasp..the saying i could look like that, or wow what an incredible mature slut..thinking i could dress like that has just been a cat flapper in the wind, as other things in life have punched a hole across my in box....stopping me form lingering here...
I have not tasted real mans simply ages so far back i have to drink my own milk just to remind me of the sheer taste of that cream i gag for each time i see a cock walk down the street i want it and more...
I have still been wearing my fem clothes and buying small bits and bobs and i do wear now mostly fem underwear at all times just to remind myself whom what i have developed into...i also sometimes think on my old Mistress and think now the time is nearing where time will be in bucket loads for me..should i dare drop her a line...but most of all i must must come back here for a while very soon..
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