maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday25th February 2018.

This Winter has almost eaten thoughts have been mainly on moving through the day in some form of order where i have arrived sighed a heavy sigh in knowing i have made it through another winters day. I know the temps have not been super sub zero nor have i had to wade through six foot of snow.Simply feels that this winter has gone on forever each day simply bitter as the breeze eats into any bare skin open to the atmosphere.
Despite all this i do feel quite horny today perhaps simply for the word Sunday and thankfully this is the last one of the dreadful month of February. The one month i hide away even from myself.I know the sissy inside screams blue murder and i have treated her now and then alas i know it is not enough imagine if i knew back in my teens what i know feel now...i wonder where i would be now. Better not to have regrets simply make the best of what is in ones hands mind now...i do not want to be one of those rocking chair sissy's....thinking if only.
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