maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 6th May 2018.

The clock ticks the morning dawns...awaking this morning from the rampant night Goblins whom once more dressed in pink laced hob nailed boots have given my soul another good kicking in translucent mind games thankfully not enough to make me fear sleep quite yet...however i should not be to harsh on them for they left myself a small gift or a small torture in some sense by leaving me with my clitty erect doubled with the desire to milk myself by seeking out some soft porn with which to draw out my sissy milk.
I used to be quite hot for the site you porn...been so long since i cruised there that the dreaded old password has floated to the dark reaches of my mind to slumber with old lipsticks wrinkled stockings coupled with thoughts of the last time i felt real mans cum shoot down my throat. However today is Trinity Sunday the weather is going to be hot white t-shirts will be out and proud and i will simply sigh and wonder what it is like to have real breasts instead of silicone babies i carry these days however best not to sigh to long on this issue and simply wear my best frock and step out into the bright world with my fingers up and to simply say sod off to myself...if nothing else.
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