maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Monday 14th May 2018.

An early morning sit before this machine. i stare across the big blank white screen i hear beyond my window the beginning of early morning rush hour traffic i wonder how many transvestites are indeed passing my window. I wonder to if other transvestites ever feel as i do, the bird in the cage the outlandish on a bird wire each day churns sometimes they are black dog days others the sunshine pours between the chinks in the curtains which still show this as once a children's room, and for old memories sake will stay, it is vast gulf since i was one of those each day i reflect on such as the fem inside me bites hard the best way is to simply giggle look up at the sun and simply think gosh why me, then perhaps simply get on with life.
I have managed to contact a real lady via a web site for servants and such..i have moved from e-mails to the mobile phone and will at least be able to meet in a coffee shop once i text some dates to be approved how goes from there is another story that once Winnie-the-Poo once told or perhaps Paddington Bear had stuffed in his small case..i will not build up my hopes far to much as i do not want to sit for days in a black dog Summer approaches.
I have also done some fem shopping these days it is so easy..the days of grey haired ladies giving dreadful why are you buying our clothes looks with their faces grimaced have long gone..i suspect with the pressure on workers today's they perhaps do not even think what they zap on the bar code or perhaps even care...Ho-Hum....all these tiny movements could it mean i might suck cock one
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