maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Saturday 9th January 2010.

I have a small while,to fight the ticking clock as the week draws to a close,it has been interesting peculiar in fact a snowball of tiny wants some have come good others have drifted for now,but hey the year lies ahead.despite the snow bound landscape every thing has been pink...the lonely shoe..i spotted a nice pink baby doll in a window thinking ooohhh...hope the sale is on next week,i even saw a pink hand bag..can a transvestite ever have enough bags so plenty to think about as i will be sitting on the iron horse drifting deeper into the snow bound countryside.
I will muse on the fact that the Dark Master contacted me..wishing to abuse my body again his e-mail left nothing to the imagination..well maybe a tiny bit..he called my clitty a whore hole something that excites me alas sods law,the labour of work flew as always in the face..roll on summer...ican here the iron horse eating my panties time to go..

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