maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Thursday 31st May 2018.

It is as rare as chocolate fire guards for me to scribble for two days in a row, perhaps i want to change that perhaps i might slip back into my caterpillar ways time will see. I have spent most of the day in this room dabbling on this here machine uploading to I-tunes...and sorting out stuff in this room which perhaps i really should part with...being a hoarder as well as a transvestite adds up to some at least take the top off rather than crumble might just work..though i think better leaving the Porn channel on the off must be many moons since i glimpsed moving pictures of porn one was the amount of up load and cost on my board band but i suspect it really blobs my concentration especially when home alone.
However after watching soothing ladies taking off each others clothes and swinging through the trees i find my self thinking of real cocks and the urge to feel one down my throat or stuffing my pussy makes me feel rather helpless but would i have it any other way...think i best concentrate on my room now...before i play maid in the kitchen sadly not in my sissy maids outfit..
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