maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 11th June 2018.

The charity shop...Mind...loved me for a few moments...the sign on the window stating SALE in big black letters on a orange background " everything under three pounds " looked crash..however being a bit of a slut and now as i become into the old age bracket a bit of a spend thrift it drew me inside...i find now i am quite used to sifting through once loved clothes now abandoned on some old shop racks some of the garments i do indeed ask myself why others one does not have to think such thoughts...thankfully for charity and myself i found this bright, oh so bright day-glow orange sort of small dress i think originally it was something one threw over ones breasts when crawling from the swimming pool on some sun kissed beach hotel...extra large which is quite me somehow.... i slipped it into the my bag felt that feeling of arousal even to the point of lasting until i had time to instantly try it on once i walked through the door even in the kitchen pulling off male clothes pushing the garment over my head is akin to almost having an orgasm which simply made me sigh and think i could do with a large real cock to play with..i smiled in wishful thinking removed the garment and placed it in the washing basket...being still in that old adage from childhood you don't know where it has been.
Summer makes me think of my aunt more than usual the brightness of the day the whisper of clothes you can slip into..i still have some of hers jumpers leggings and some personal under wear of which is far to small for myself but for fondness sake i have it tucked away in a for the Dom Lady i was going to perform for as a maid sadly never happened passing the texting interview even to the point of a coffee shop meeting which went well enough for a first date to be arranged fell through with a text..saying she thought Transvestites was a weird fetish...the snub..was quite a shock not so much for me but simply the wordage weird and fetish...i could say people whom go to football matches stand for 90 minutes to watch hairy arsed men crash a bag of wind around on some grass is pretty weird to myself..but hey ho-hum there is always tomorrow..and another they say each to their own...
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