maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Friday 14th June 2018.

Fifty-one years ago today..dressed in school boy shorts shirt and tie i was amongst a school class on a day out to London the buzz back then was to travel on one of the new Electric trains with a travelling time of a wow two and a half hours in fifty one years they have managed to knock twenty minutes of the journey make the carriages thinner close all windows and fit you in as if one was a sardine..which is now somehow typical Englishness it was once a line from the 60's...stack it high sell it cheap something which for the vast majority of us are covered in such terms...i know i was out on this day simply because i came across a flyer for that particular day whilst sorting out my panties and stockings in this room i hide from the world.
There was in those days not one hint within myself that i would slip into a pair of transvestite socks, i had never tried on my mothers clothes, nor bore any such manby panby names in the school play ground, i was liked by some girls of my age to sit and play having cups of fictional tea and all that mother baby stuff young girls of the time went through but that is all..My mother during that time along with many was hooked on Valium...and rising from the bed was something i hardly ever saw for a number of years she once remarked that she hated her breasts quite why that has stuck in my mind all these years is unknown, i would not say every day that i ask myself quite why i have gone down this road of preferring to pull on fem clothes rather than play the big John Wayne swagger...But as they say life is and the weekend is about to creep over the hill with a big boo so best not slip into the mass of melancholy soldiers, therefore a whisper and simply blow a kiss to myself and say good night fair world.
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