maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Monday 18th June 2018.

Monday...the new week arrives my wrinkled stockings pause for thought...i have almost caught up on my back log of yes and no's..Fingers are crossed as i have made contact with a Dom lady whom stands five feet high pillar box red hair and glasses...where this will take me is unknown i have once more passed the e-mail interviews and have an appointment for a coffee house meet next Friday..whether i fail to impress will be the big question. If so i might then perhaps give up the alluring quest for this mystery i wish to find once more,now that i have more time to shovel through without the thought of work quite they always say time will tell.
I have managed to push out from my mind the recent rejection and that all transvestites are weird perhaps i am..but there is an almighty good few whom simply just want to dress and no further each to there own after all life is a gas so sang T Rex..all those years ago when a pair of panties was all i could afford...
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