maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Friday 22nd June 2018.

Friday has ran down the week and screamed...i am here at the cusp of the day so far there is blue sky peeping across this rooms window...i will soon go out into the brave world kiss it, hug it, and fight like fuck through the turmoil it might just bring, otherwise i shall simply flow...Yesterday was nostalgia day i stood on disused runway 25...before it eventually becomes threaded into new build housing estates...i stood there under blue skies and a cross breeze flirting through the mind i tried to think on old ghosts times, i have stood there in school boy shorts and watched aircraft blow and hot and cold across the tarmac...various peoples i have known whom once trod across it for a reason of shall i simply say work and drifted into the change in myself from school boy shorts..into fem thongs and hold up stockings....i did not feel ashamed or in a sorrow did not want to pull off my stockings and let them catch the wind...
A car pulled up a head popped out ooohhh i thought perhaps a cock in the long grass simply been a good while since i tasted perhaps to long...." This is Private Property " said in a polite manner. " shame " i replied..what a great waste of history...a few words were exchanged the car crawled down the runway and under the days sunshine i slipped away...oh well as they say..i am sure there once was a series of mugs and greeting cards that indeed were in shops during the 70's..i think i was in love then too....
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