maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Thursday June 28th 2018.

Could i even believe that this summer is going to be some part of the ghosts of 1976 a summer which us oldies talk about each beginning as new English Summer comes over the hill having escaped the corner of history 76 is locked into, to bring to this neck of the woods some sunshine which makes one feel wow and the hotness makes me think twice before pulling on wrinkled stockings....for the coming day ahead perhaps with fingers crossed and toes curled that it is indeed true.
I have arrived on the cusp of Friday...each day since my appointment with the Dom Lady for an interview about working as a maid or such within her household..i have logged on expecting to find once more a cancellation far with fingers crossed silence has been my answer should even at the last minute things go pear shaped i will be travelling for i can always sit in a tea shop watch the world pass and perhaps buy some new wrinkled stockings..which is a task so easy to perform thesis days i am not sure if i have grown used to buy female clothes for myself or times change and lady sales girls are that over worked these days even if one turned up dressed as a clown no smile or laugh would escape their face mask of the working day.
I am of coarse rather nervous, shy, sadly i am not one of those transvestites loud and proud i still cling to the closet door not as bad as in past years but it still lingers and will probably walk past the arranged cafe a good few times before i pluck up the nerve to push open the door and smell the coffee....but life is as they fingers crossed toes curled i wish my self luck and if ready to please you are sitting and reading these words a big thank you for your comment it meant a lot...
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