maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Friday 29th June2018.

Today has arrived not a cloud in the sky a red hot day in quite the summer of 1976....yet there is still time for this summer to be etched inside the memory banks.

Today for my sins i am wake up this morning pinch myself and sigh i am still but a transvestite...each morning i ask myself but not quite for the reason why of old days in youth when i opened the curtain to this fork in the woods i have tripped into and wandered through.Evan at this age the urge and feelings to pull on fem clothes is as if i was once more 18...and will at the age of 70 feel the same...

Today i wake up with butterflies in my stomach for the day my trip to Sheffield on the train to meet a BBW Dom..fingers crossed toes curled for courage to push open the door to the cafe for a meeting and the hope i do not stutter go giddy and embarrass my desire. a gosh day.
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