maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Monday 9th July 2018.

Most of the weekend past i spent across an airfield that once was, i recall the past when open days were vast, aircraft spanned whole generations, visited in bright colours, one preyed, fingers crossed, for a summers day with high or no cloud cover at all simply to stare wonder why oneself was not sat in a cockpit of some high flying tin machine as it roared across the airfield, i recall that school boy dream of wanting to be a fighter pilot or a beachcomber somewhere in-between time events the story far to long tangled to sit here today and ponder how i arrived as a humble Postman.
This weekend i could have fitted the gathering in my hand bag...i almost felt i was stood at a bus stop on some fictional country road...The one aircraft air worthy enough to perform a fly past drew an emotional response with a round of clapping as it ventured forth over the surrounding hills into the afternoon sun. On these occasions i always ask myself Why the transvestite invested it's time within myself..i do not sink into melancholy madness over such thoughts they simply these days ask themselves and do not expect even a reply for so many times as i have stood at these summer events the same questions up and rush around my that they have almost become friends within perhaps i should have camel thoughts as there are that many hiding within my soul..simply life..or as one of my 1970's heroes Kojak would say " Who loves ya baby " before reaching for his lollipop..and sucking which reminds me i must soon....with a smile.
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