maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Thursday 19th July 2018.

The summer has been wonderful so far..the pulling on of stockings has been slipped to the back of the mind until the days draw and that dreaded word is whispered i cannot even bare to utter such a word on this wonderful day of warmth and sunshine.The old sissy inside me still whispers each day don't forget i am here could i possibly forget, i had thought as i become older creeping into the last nine yards of my life staring at my wrinkled hands as i crawl across this here key board, i would be comfortable to hang up the stockings and drift back into the small boy syndrome moving around in comfortable jumpers and such maybe not quite in the male mood...but something where the desire to wear female clothes would have eased. I sometimes linger on thoughts of when i pass away what is my wardrobe going to tell the world simply because i am not one of those famous transvestites that can move around the world with out the pointed finger like the lady i met for tea some weeks ago whom thought, us, it, were simply weird. Perhaps, we are yes indeed..without the melancholy madness though that hangs from street corners found in dark corners they say life is for the living, then perhaps that to which i should close on upon this delightful summers day.
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