maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 16th February 2010.

Dear Myself,
                       I have come here today to see if i can find myself amongst the wrinkled stockings i left behind,i even had to think long and hard for my password, even that did not arrive via the thought patrol somewhere above in my grey matter.
 Simply and most of all i had the fortitude to scribble it somewhere just in case this tired old mind could not succumb back in the days when i thought perhaps i might scribble here often such a dream in such thoughts. 
I really did mean to come, linger pull up the old wrinkled stockings perhaps treat my self to some sexy thoughts,gnash my teeth at the fem inside which drives relentlessly,and tuts in loud clicking hums  when carrying the male harness in the Protestant work ethic, so engraved, so chained, to my singing mind waves, when i did set this page up, alas i know myself only to well fine mind in dreams, practice is another old orgy of words such a basket case in dreamed flowers demons with XXL cocks stand wave before me the biggest of all teases..when really Ha i should say to bypass and scribble amongst the wrinkled stockings, sunflowers, and those thongs which make you aware just what you are wearing.
 And so thoughts on spring toil with a willingness,
to push past those large cock dreams,perhaps pass this way sooner rather than the damp squid i resemble.

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