maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Wednesday 8th August 2018.

Well tomorrow i travel to see the Miss....having passed the internet interview and passed the face to face its fingers crossed, once i arrive there is no door bell and i have to knock on the window with the red blind...i am tempted to write the words Sherlock Holmes but am not sure if that is a slur on the famous name or not and would he raise an eyebrow or simply laugh at a male slipping into such a sissy mode and sometimes i do indeed ask myself the same question..
Therefore i am still gripped by doubt as to whether i will see a door open and the curly finger invite me into this humble abode i will stand before, to perform tasks of the mop and bucket kind and thus last more than five minutes perhaps i would have been better off fighting with a box of cornflakes clothed in boxing gloves. best to put first foot forward and simply enjoy the simply think the city i am visiting has some delights just in case i am out by my slapped is as they say..and today has been good having bought myself some new leggings in tiger colours such a slut pattern for myself would i wear them out how i would like to say yes perhaps in winter kisses to me and good luck to myself.
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