maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Friday 10th August 2018.

Why a question i bat aside each day as i pull on my wrinkled stockings even after all these years it still sits poking out it's tongue in a grimace of one chewing a Bumble Bee.Sometimes i give a heavy sigh others perhaps a shrug always with a fortitude to carry on regardless i knew many years ago i was no John Wayne and only in this last decade a Rosie the Riveter. Quite where this Sissy mode crept up smiled at me and whispered your mine is another question i ask myself and never really getting an answer. This hunt through the internet for a Fem Dom again for a number of years with good few miss hits...took me for a train ride, a slip and fumble through streets until i reached a door knowing the explicit instructions were not to knock or else go home with my sissy mode on a whimper...Knock on the window with a red blind...half hanging over railings looking at the ten foot drop thinking am i mad..i managed a tap tap loud enough for the door to open and a Miss with a curly finger let me in. I already knew Miss would not be dressed in fishnets and rubber corset nor waving a whip as in fantasy books or films or indeed the imagination..i knew a simple t-shirt and comfortable leggings would be her uniform her orders were not in the bitch mode nor was the humiliation of what i was in words excited around this small dwelling.A simple pointing to the bathroom clean..change the bed..etc...became my day...When i had finished my tasks thankfully with a thumbs up..we relaxed and talked over her wishes and my desires.
I left that home free, humble, glad i made the effort and glad i was of service on my knees cleaning the floor etc in but a thong and vest...whilst she did as she pleased in other rooms....we talked about a maids uniform..make up, a photo should i want one...permission to wear what fem clothes i wished even to the point only wearing high heels and nothing else and in the summer heat of this year a a few more possible acts she might demand.
On a selfish note i felt full filled, a delight even..more so when on the train home she texted me her mobile phone number to arrange the next time i can visit..there is an awful amount of work in cleaning but hey life is...Wow..
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