maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Saturday 18th August 2018.

As i move into my second hundred days with out having to mount the saddle of a paid work horse, thrash about for pennies to dribble into my bank account...Saturdays have lost that magic touch the action of pulling off my work panties throwing them against the wall and reaching for a bottle of bubbles out of the fridge thinking thank God i have made it through another working week....Saturdays now simply just run in clamber on the back of each week with a huff sigh and ho the clock ticks to almost half past seven i would have been on to my second bottle of bubbles...i am not sure if i miss those moments or not then again perhaps i do as those thoughts drift through my mind as i sit here also thinking it's been a week since i scribbled across this blank white screen...which always greets me with a poked out tongue and wish you were here banner...sometimes i wish i was welcomed by a rampant cock perhaps bigger the better to make my eyes water and not sit here dribbling...i heard a few words from an old proper female dame whom simply said only men think the size means nothing in that thing that dangles...the smile on her face and laugh said it all..I am Ok...fine in a goodish mood i walked into a department store ran my fingers through a few fem clothes and simply did not buy perhaps because of time or simply the queue ran up and down the empire states building perhaps thats why internet shopping has lived as long as it has and see's no time in changing as the high streets of England shrink at an alarming rate..take out the pound shops, charity shops, and fix your nails bars, whilst some one is doing your nails and someone crawling on the floor is doing your could think wow..i think i would like my toe nails done..i wonder would they refuse me...Ho-um...
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