maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Thursday 13th September 2018.

Will there still be transvestites in a hundred years time..will this blog forever be lying in some dusty basement in the sky. was the sixties song so far fetched that the song simply be a tune on a local radio station in the sky.
Thoughts as the dawn begins to break and the rush of rubber tyres beyond this window begin to roll. As i try to find some routine to crawl amongst these blank screens of one old busted transvestite.
Monday just gone was the day wasn't it, the day the Dark Master drew me into a high rise flat in down town Manchester...As the door opened and i stepped inside time had stood still the same pile of unopened letters stood by the door if the flat had been cleaned since i last bowed down to suck cock a miracle would have happened...the light in the bathroom had decided to whisper fuck it and no longer worked..alligators sunk in the bath pipped and popped with half an eye whispered...WHY...!! i stripped down to my sissy clothes pushed open the bedroom door saw the same pile of pennies on the floor ripped open the packet of condoms i bought on the way..i too wondered why indeed.
As i knelt between his legs slipped the flaccid cock into my mouth all thoughts of why this thing this cock had me in it's hold feeling it grow inside of me has no explanation my soul desire was for it to shoot release it's power..that is the reason why i was there that is the reason why i wanted to be there.
Had this desire seeped up from childhood..was i born to suck cock or perhaps some early soft porn mag i bought in youth with out stretched hands on some book shelf...i recall an article which quoted if your reading this and you get an erection you are a such and such..but at 16 years of age the sight of a lady bra in a shop window did very much the same..quite why i ask these questions after all these years is a wonder...Perhaps. Sometimes i wish i had kept the very same article how interesting to read in the year 2018...or am i plain
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