maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 16th September 2018.

Today..i am venturing out into the wild world where rain is slipping down this rooms window on the world..i have promised to see my old sit and watch the zoom zooms..which are my childish words for Formula One racing...two reasons really one it will be good to sit in company and i have a soft spot for Singapore..the place where i popped out on to the planet floor.
my friend does not have the faintest idea that i am a transvestite and i am thankful that i do not want to get inside his pants and eat his cock...sometimes playing in the grounds of normal if there is such a word is quite comforting i only hope by the time i am ready to pull on my stockings bust up my bra the rain has stopped falling from the sky on this morbid looking Sunday in the Manchester Basin.
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