maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 25th September 2018.

Quite why the song Suzanne..sung by Tangerine Dream...haunts me over being a transvestite in a quaint way is something i have tried to fathom...over these past few weeks as the song has slipped under my wrinkled stockings to play amongst my bra and panties line...i have not eaten oranges for quite a while nor have i walked down by the river for probably much longer is the song trying to tell me something or am i simply playing with my own vanity.
Which means i have to shake all these strange thoughts off, or more so lock them away in some mind vault....with a smile at least these thoughts do not linger into melancholy madness and plus it is not raining tomorrow as i travel into Town so smiles all do a few tiny mortal brick-a-bats.. through the streets....i have seen, touched, a skirt i might just tease myself with i have seen it once felt it and thought yummy but fought off the temptation to buy doubt as always there will be none left tomorrow and that old adage buy when seen even on impulse is never more the case.
I have managed to fight into the mind and visit the master once more the biggest curse which rubs into my mind is the constant noise of the wireless whilst my head is between his legs and i cannot fathom quite why the wireless is on and the screen tuned into Porn...i have been slightly fascinated with this especially as the film showing is exactly as i perform on him..and the sound coming from the speaker is the local road traffic problems...but whom am i to note such after all what was i doing in such a room in eagerness to slip his flaccid thing between my lips why worry over a radio show..such a strange life some of us lead in the name of sanity...perhaps...
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