maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 30th September 2018.

Tonight i sit with a glass of Australian was an anniversary of the first record played on the BBC..Radio One... the mass of years between such is best not contemplated for to long or i might just reach for another glass full...1967 was a good year the summer of love...i had no idea what sex was...and no interest in pulling on my mothers clothes...i did believe in Goblins and they lived under my bed my imagination was rampant even back then but thankfully no panties...i recently walked past the house i was living in at the time, standing for a few seconds i could feel absolutely nothing. I do not think i expected to either as so many places i have revisited in my life and felt the same simply dead pan...Maybe the driving force was just an interest to ramble past a sort of boost i suspect as i inch more into my fem life...a sort of emotional back up to whom i have turned out to winter begins to punch holes in summer...or am i really thinking of this weeks visit to Sunny Sheffield as a sub one cannot have any demands and i have to take politely any gripes that fall out, are having to face full force in the howling wind...i'd rather be told face to face than a text slow...arrhh i thought i am beginning to rebel...tut fingers crossed for this Thursday...perhaps i am too old now and should really be satisfied with wooly jumpers and my pace slows So Goeth...
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