maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Friday 5th October 2018.

I whisper to myself that i am now owned by Miss...Miss has given myself permission to think in those terms and to see for myself in black and white across this screen. Yesterday i travelled to visit her for the day...where i spent time in changing bed sheets and general cleaning in the bathroom and bed room..on my hands and knees scrubbing floor in only a thong and bra with hold up stockings...some heavy lifting was also and the sorting out of large bags of wool....eventually lead to a summons to feel pain a beating was in hand i had only one choice of which implement to accept..i chose the riding crop...wearing a thong gives my bare buttocks a good target to inflict pain it has been such a long time i admit to myself some apprehension that i could take a beating from a real Female Dom..with out saying no more after only a few strokes..simple instructions were count each stroke and say thank you Miss...mid way the riding crop was replaced with a hawse in all i thanked Miss for twenty five strokes...the pain started with a simple sting as each blow landed the pain rose up the scale where i knew i was being beaten with a proper Female Dom punishment...i do hope Miss felt pleasure in inflicting as i felt on receiving the blows....there was a small rise in my clitty i became sexually aroused to the point where sissy's can...Ordered to present my front..i turned over and received blows across my inner thighs moving over my clitty and to my milk balls...which was a shock and quite moving as well as arousing only a small amount on my front but i would clearly like to raise that figure to the point of the fantasy of seeing my clitty erect to take a good beating for being the sissy i have turned out to be...being beaten arouses me to the point i can quite easily be sexually aroused to take myself in hand and release the build up of milk within myself.
Life is indeed strange yesterday will play on my mind until my next visit i suspect a good few fantasies will grow from yesterday as a plus the cleaning and other small tasks felt worth while and i most of all thank her soul for letting me into her life at my age...
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