maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Wednesday 10th October 2018.

Time today slipped through my fingers...i did not stoop to catch or wonder why or think in terms of wasted time...i simply lived in a sort of fashion i blew the dust off my large silicon breasts blew a kiss to the American manufactures and slipped them under my t-shirt..the sun was high the temp warmish so especially for October...never mind the thousand and one Dalmatians there is a thousand and one tasks waiting under every leaf...will i be thankful when the last leaf falls...this season used to be not my most favourite but now deep in sissy mode a large bra can be comfortably worn out and about under the canon fodder of clothes...
I also had to release my milk..the flogging last week my Miss sucked up the lust to endeavour such a treat....the mind still trickles over it as the marks have slipped away i did scribble a thank you note to Miss...however must be careful in the future in words scribbled some how i don't think she fully grasps what a sissy really is especially in the mind, in future any floggings i will have to show that there is no sexual arousal and i have no remaining sexual threat towards her hoping my clitty does not stand proud and perhaps i should not have mentioned should it happen then miss could flog it...oh well lessons learned the hard way...What will be will be.
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